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Water where it shouldn’t be? At Coldrick Roofing, we’re experts at keeping water out.

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Leaks happen for a multitude of reasons. Rusted-through sheets of roofing iron are surprisingly common, especially under trees or near the beach. Flashings and seals fail eventually. Thermal expansion forces nails out. To the untrained eye, these problems may not even be visible. To the team at Coldrick Roofing, they’re obvious.

With more than 35 years’ experience between us, you can rely on Coldrick Roofing for all your long-run roofing and cladding repairs and maintenance.

Design flaws

Not all homes were built the same. During the 90’s, long before the time of Coldrick Roofing, New Zealand’s construction industry was deregulated and the negative effects are still being felt. In that wasteful decade, corners were cut, tradespeople didn’t need apprenticeships, and councils neglected their duties. 

Thankfully, New Zealand’s building industry has long moved past the ‘leaky homes crisis,’ but some homes retain less-than-ideal features and weatherproofing systems. Repairing a badly-designed roof or cladding system can be more costly in the long run than replacing it, and ultimately risks damage to the structure of the house itself. 

We can advise you about the long-term viability of repairs before you commit to regular, temporary patch-up jobs. This ties into our 5-year workmanship warranty. We will only repair something if we know it will last, which is an essential approach to take with cladding and roofing.

Pre-purchase inspections

Looking at a house for sale? Talk to Coldrick Roofing about our pre-purchase roof and cladding inspections. We’ll provide a written record of the condition of the house under question.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Re-Roof Home Owner
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I am so happy with the work Greg and their team did on our home! Finally a roof that doesn't leak! The Coldrick Roofing was exceptional! I am also very pleased with the outcome!

Anna Hodson
New Roof Rental Property
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Reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and good workmanship from start to finish workers amongst this great roofing company. Highly recommend!

John Pearson
Roof Repair Rental Property
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Such a great service ! very professional, very fast. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Roofing systems to anyone, they are the experts.

Jenny Stevenson