All roofs need replacing eventually. 

A well looked-after roof can last for decades. Unfortunately, when we purchase a new home, we inherit the maintenance – or lack of maintenance – done by previous owners. If significant areas of your roof are damaged or corroded, the costs of repairing those areas quickly becomes comparable to the cost of properly re-roofing the entire thing.

Re-roofing your home is a sound investment. Re-sale value goes up, and any potential buyers are assured that the home has been looked after. Using a high-quality roofing system such as COLORSTEEL® really does take years off the perceived age of a house.

If you have no intention of selling in the future, that’s even more reason to re-roof. A quality installation of long-life roofing means that besides the occasional clean, you won’t have to think about your roof for decades, potentially.  

The major difference between a new roof and a re-roof is the removal of existing materials. This must be done safely, without damaging the underlying structure. In some cases we will replace the purlins (these are what we fix the roofing iron to). If your house has asbestos, don’t worry, we partner with a team of certified asbestos removers to ensure the re-roofing process doesn’t affect you or your family. Coldrick Roofing can easily convert your existing tile roof to long-run steel, too. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Re-Roof Home Owner
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I am so happy with the work Greg and their team did on our home! Finally a roof that doesn't leak! The Coldrick Roofing was exceptional! I am also very pleased with the outcome!

Anna Hodson
New Roof Rental Property
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Reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and good workmanship from start to finish workers amongst this great roofing company. Highly recommend!

John Pearson
Roof Repair Rental Property
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Such a great service ! very professional, very fast. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Roofing systems to anyone, they are the experts.

Jenny Stevenson