New Roofs

The roof is the most important weatherproofing element of your building, and on a new build it’s usually the first thing that is completed after the frame goes up.

Roofed on Time

We keenly understand that when your construction project is in full swing, progress holdups can have far-reaching consequences. Coldrick Roofing are reliable, dedicated and experienced. We will work with your builders and do everything in our power to ensure your new roof is installed as planned, on time.

Total Guidance

If you have any questions about the selection of profile or system, we are the team to ask. Each profile has its own advantages depending on the application. We can give advice about the suitability of various finishes to the environmental conditions your home faces, so you can make your own decisions around cost and longevity.


Coldrick Roofing offer a complete service including facia, guttering and downpipes, and can supply and install skylights on request.


Steel long-run cladding is among the most cost-effective wall cladding solutions.

Cladding is generally more complicated than roofing and takes more work per square metre of coverage. This is because of the details: windows, doors, corners, vents and ducting are all potential entry points for moisture, and require careful workmanship to blend in seamlessly to the surrounding cladding. 

Coldrick Roofing offer a large range of different cladding styles and colours to choose from. Talk to us today about steel cladding for your home.

Get in Touch

It’s becoming more and more important to start project planning early. If you need cladding or roofing for your new build or renovation, get in touch with our friendly team today for a free quote.

What Our Valued Clients Have To Say

We deliver high-quality, watertight long-run roofing solutions that will last for decades. But don’t just take our word for it, take a moment to read some of our customer feedback.

Wendy Dumée
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Coldrick Roofing have just completed a Coloursteel roof replacement on my 1950's house. I would like to recommend Coldrick Roofing for their excellent communication, quality install and fair price. I'm very happy with the job and would not hesitate to use them again.
Anna Hodson
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I am so happy with the work Greg and their team did on our home! Finally a roof that doesn't leak! The Coldrick Roofing was exceptional! I am also very pleased with the outcome!


Long-run steel roofing is our specialty. Take a look at some of our recent projects and get an appreciation for how much care we take and effort we pour into our work. We’re proud to share that our roofing features on the 2021 Master Builders Home of the Year (Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau).